GFX Group Training

Small group personal training that offers members the enthusiasm and encouragement from a group environment while still getting the personalized benefits of having your own trainer at a fraction of the cost. Switch up your workout and break through plateaus with a new and different training structure each week. See results in less time than working out by yourself!


GFX Includes the following and much more:

  • One-hour challenging total body workout two times a week
  • Bodyweight and core exercises
  • Resistance and weight training
  • Kettlebell routines
  • Plyometric training
  • TRX training
  • Progress tracking
  • A personal coach to assist you with nutrition and other fitness advice


  • Quick, efficient workout
  • Tough workout that challenges you mentally and physically
  • Help reduce body fat
  • Increase stamina
  • Tone and build muscle
  • Motivates you to step outside your comfort zone
  • Provides accountability, motivation, and support
  • Never get bored

A Typical Class
Your trainer explains which muscle groups you are working on for that session, then demonstrates each movement. Then you will be guided through a warm-up designed to gradually activate and warm up the body before jumping into the workout.

Your workout consists of exercises that both isolate, and integrate each muscle group.  Everyone’s goals are different, so you choose your number of reps and sets to match what you and your trainer have decided is best for you. Stations will include weightlifting, plyometric cardio, and core specific movements. At the end of each session, a featured cardio or ab circuit will be done as well as time for stretching.

How often should you take a class?
Sessions are designed for two times a week. An optional third session can be scheduled on Saturday to provide your muscles enough time to recover.

GFX Pricing

All session must be signed up for in advance with GFX Trainer. For best results class should be taken twice a week. No contracts. No refunds.

GFX Training
One GFX Session
Sign-up in advance
One GFX session
GFX is one hour long
Buy In-Person
GFX Training
per month
Unlimited GFX Training
Sign-up in advance
Unlimited GFX Sessions
GFX is one hour long
Buy In-Person
GFX Training
per month
Unlimited GFX Training and Les Mills Classes
Unlimited GFX sessions (Sign-up in advance)
GFX is one hour long
Unlimited Les Mills classes
Excludes Flying Yoga and GRIT
Buy In-Person


For more information or to sign up for GFX Training send us a message!