Flying Yoga

A New Yoga Experience!

Flying Yoga (aerial yoga) uses a low hung fabric hammock to support your weight while practicing yoga poses. Build strength, flexibility, and release compression from the body through stretching, inversions, and core work.

Achieve strength and flexibility

As you practice flying yoga, you will gain a better understanding of traditional yoga postures. Also, you get a deeper stretch, reversal of gravity’s effects on skin, increased circulation to the brain, helping memory, and a release of tension in the core.

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What is flying yoga?

Flying Yoga blends yoga and aerial work that revolves around counteracting gravity. This practice uses a soft silk hammock to lift you off the ground while practicing yoga poses. Relive compression, elongate the spine, and straighten shoulders during your flying yoga practice. Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility. Each hammock supports up to 2,000 pounds.

What are the benefits of flying yoga?
  • Improve posture through spinal decompression
  • Improve spinal health
  • Increase flexibility
  • Hold yoga postures longer and in correct alignment
  • Perform yoga inversions without neck or back compression
  • Circulatory and lymphatic system refresh
  • Strengthen and tone all muscles
  • Core strengthening
  • Increase brain activity allowing you to think and function better
  • Increased balance and agility
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Low impact conditioning
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Works as functional training
  • Increasing range of motion with less stress and pain
  • Anti-gravity poses release oxygen and nutrients to the brain that penetrate through the skin and scalp. It’s a natural cleanser that is believed to enhance skin elasticity and hair growth
What if I have no experience or flexibility?

Flying Yoga can be a gentle and restorative class for those who wish to stretch and move at a slow and gentle pace. Flying Yoga can also be tailored to the more advanced practitioner looking to deepen and explore poses in a new way. This type of yoga is easily adaptable to any fitness level and a perfect place to begin working towards inversions with the gentle support of the fabric.

Don’t avoid yoga just because you think you aren’t flexible. In fact, if you have tight muscles, yoga is just the thing to loosen you up. The point of yoga is not to show off how flexible you are, but rather to become more flexible over time. With the help of the fabric, you will be able to deepen your stretches and increase flexibility.

Will the hammock hold me?

Flying Yoga hammocks are rated to hold up to 2,000 pounds each.

How do I prepare for flying yoga?

It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before participating. If you are pregnant, we do not suggest taking a Flying Yoga class. If you have severe physical limitations, please talk to our instructors before starting class. You will want to bring a yoga mat but, other mats are available if needed. Avoid caffeine or nicotine for at least one hour before attending class. Please do not eat a heavy meal in the two hours before class. Please arrive five minutes early to for paperwork and to become acquainted with your hammock (late arrival will not be permitted).

How do I dress for flying yoga?

Flying yoga is practiced barefoot. Workout clothing that covers armpits and knees are suggested–capris or long pants are ideal, they offer protection from friction on the backs of the knees. Cotton or cotton blend fabric is best (non-slippery). Clothing should cover body jewelry and we suggest removing facial piercing. Clothing should be comfortable but, not loose, remember you may hang upside down. Please trim long or sharp fingernails and toenails. Please observe good personal hygiene and wear deodorant.

Please DO NOT wear clothing with zippers, velcro or anything with metal hardware, jewelry, hair clips, shoes, heavy makeup, perfume, cologne or lotions.

How often should I take a class?

Flying Yoga is a low impact class, but still a complex workout. So you should listen to your body. Try a couple of classes a week, but be sure to give you body a rest day in between sessions.

Can you tell me more about flying yoga reservations?
  • Spaces are limited and require a reservation (a gym membership is not necessary)
  • Do not arrive for classes without a reservation
  • An email address is required to make your reservation
  • We require payment at the time of reservation
  • Classes with no reservations are subject to cancellation two hours before class
  • No refunds after registration
  • No refunds for canceled reservations or no-shows
  • If a class is full, we do have a waitlist
  • For your safety, we do not allow late entry after classes have begun
  • Visitors and children are not allowed during class
What else should I know about attending a flying yoga class?

To maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the hammocks we ask that you follow a few simple rules. DO NOT jump in the hammocks. DO NOT swing or attempt moves in the hammocks without the flying yoga instructor present.  DO NOT sit more than one person per hammock. DO NOT wear shoes, jewelry or clothing with metal hardware. DO NOT eat or drink in the hammock. DO NOT spray or attempt to clean hammocks with ANYTHING (G-Force staff regularly steam clean and sanitize the hammocks).